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Other Bicycling Wind Noise Reduction Products

There are now seven cycling-related wind noise reduction products on the market.  In addition to the five products pictured below, 'Helmet Angel' entered the market in 2018 and 'earSHIELD' around 2020.  Please visit the respective websites (links are included in the abbreviated summaries below) for more information / possible product updates.

Wind Noise Reduction Products

Whether you purchase a Cat-Ears / AirStreamz product, or another wind noise reduction product, we believe that reducing excessive wind noise makes bicycling safer and more enjoyable.

Available Products

Slipstreamz (2006)


Based in South Africa, made in China, and retail for ~$10.00.


Please visit their website regarding dB(A) WNR performance claims. 

"Slipstreamz Spoilers are unique in using the front strap of your helmet to smooth the airflow over the side of your head and ears for improved cycling performance, enjoyment and safety." - Slipstreamz website.

Please visit the Sipstreamz website ( for more information.

Windrush (~2008)


Based in the UK, made in the UK, and retail for about $30.00.


Please visit their website regarding dB(A) WNR performance claims. 

"Hear approaching vehicles.  Hear conversations.  Hear your music. Hear everything except the wind.  No muffling of voices or other sounds." - Windrush website

"Dramatically Reduced Wind Noise.  Unique Air Still™ material around the ears counters wind noise yet allows all other sounds through to your ears.  Interconnected cells allow the passage of other sounds through to the ear." - Windrush website

Please visit the Windrush website ( for more information.

Windfree (~2010)

Windfree Wind Noise Reduction

Based in Sweden, made in China, and retail for about $35.00.

Please visit their website regarding dB(A) WNR performance claims. 


"Everyone that is biking, running, boating or just staying out there when it blows knows how tiring it can be with the constant wind noise in the ears.  Now there is a way to remove it - but still hear the surrounding area clearly." - Windfree website


"Windfree comprises a foam with a cell structure that allows sound to pass but not wind.  We have simulated the ears of fast animals, which are protected by fur." -  Windfree website.

Please visit the Windfree website ( for more information.

Cat-Ears | AirStreamz (2012)

AirStreamz Wind Noise Reduction

Based in the USA, made in the USA, and retail for about $15.00. 

They reduce wind noise by about 70% (varies by speed / turbulence).

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are made with soft porous materials that interact with the wind to reduce velocity / turbulence intensity.  Porous materials have benefits for flow-control by introducing a fluid permeable medium that modifies the boundary layer, shear layer, and wake characteristics.  The porous material absorbs wind turbulence.  In addition, surface interaction with the soft fibers reduces wind velocity and rotational intensity - further reducing the unsteady pressure fluctuations that contribute to wind noise. 

Please browse our website to learn more about our innovative products.

Wind~Blox (2013)


Based in the USA, made in (mostly) Asia, and retail for about $18.00. 

They (Wind~Blox) claim to be "The #1 Most Effective Wind Noise Blocker".

Specifically, they have claimed to stop 80.2% (25.2 dB) of bicycling wind noise.


Given the exceptional performance claims, we evaluated the 'with Wind~Blox' and 'without Wind~Blox' audio files from the W~B website.  Using audio analysis software, we determined that the correct wind noise reduction is <60%.  Consistent with our conclusion, the Adventure Cycling Association mentions on their website: "ACA's opinion is (Wind~Blox) blocks +/- up to 50% of wind noise."  Additional fact-finding is recommended.

Please click here for more information about Wind~Blox Business Practices

Helmet Angel (2018)


Based in the UK, made in the UK, and retail for about $20.00.


Please visit their website regarding dB(A) WNR performance claims. 

The product is similar to a deflecting design that was developed during the early 1990's.


"Hear more clearly and react more swiftly to what is happening around you when you cycle. Researchers found that the shells made a massive difference in enabling riders to hear sounds behind them." - Helmet Angel website

Please visit the Helmet Angel website ( for more information.

earSHIELD (2020/21)


Based in Germany, made / available in Europe, and retail for ~$20.00.

"earSHIELD allows for carefree cycling and a safe feeling thanks to reduced wind noise.  In addition, cold wind is reduced in winter, without the risk of heat build-up in summer.  In contrast to a hat, earSHIELD is always on the helmet, as it is simply pushed onto the strap of the helmet." - earSHIELD (

"earSHIELD is very comfortable, as the inside is soft and usually does not come into contact with the ear. It is made of flexible material that maintains its profile at the same time.  This means that hearing is not affected in any way." - earSHIELD (

Discontinued Products

Silencer (1992)

Silencer Wind Noise Reduction

This product appears to have been developed during the early 1990's.

Silencer - "Reduce Wind Noise"

This appears to be the original hard plastic wind deflector with razor style grip for secure helmet strap attachment.  Mentioned in Bicycling Magazine, 1993.  Made from plastic, the sound blocking aspect could be a concern. 

The Helmet Angel product is very similar to the Silencer.

Windfoil (2004)

Windfoil Wind Noise Reduction

This product appears to have been available from 2004 until about 2008.

Windfoil - "Hear The Difference"

"Wind noise is created by air rushing past the folds of the ear.  Windfoils lightweight polymer surface uses patented MicroVents to create a laminar airflow.  This prevents unwanted wind noise while permitting ordinary sound to pass through.  Windfoils easily clip to your helmet straps and fit comfortably over your ears." - Windfoil

Cycling forum comments regarding the Windfoil were mixed.

D:flekt (2015)

D:flekt Wind Noise Reduction

This product appears to have been developed / prototyped during 2015.

D:flekt - "Wind Noise Reduction"

"Wind noise generated when cycling is not only annoying but reduces your ability to hear clearly when moving.  The faster you go, the worse it gets.  D:flekt helps greatly reduce the effects of wind noise on your hearing so you can hear what's going on around you or hear the feedback from your favorite cycling app or music without having the volume at dangerously loud levels." - D:flect

D:flect had an introductory website - with no purchase options. 

Several Homemade Versions


Reducing wind noise makes cycling safer and more enjoyable.

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