Original Cat-Ears Products

Classic™ Faux Fur and Authentic Polartec® Fleece Ear Warmers.

AirStreamz™ Collection by Cat-Ears

Based on PileTech™ materials engineering, AirStreamz™ are smaller and more discrete.

*Average Wind Noise Reduction Between 15 and 25 MPH.  Unsolicited customer feedback confirms that these Wind Noise Reduction percentages are conservative. 

Based on exhaustive road, trail, wind tunnel, and independent industry testing,

we stand behind our products as the most effective devices of their kind on the market.

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is a leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products.  Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest-rated and best-selling products designed for serious cyclists / outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

Aeroacoustic Engineering Research and Product Development | Cedaredge, Colorado

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