Installation, use and care instructions for all Cat-Ears Products


Airstreamz™ Installation Instructions:


Airstreamz™ Slim Installation Instructions:

For Tight Straps:

For Loose Straps:


Airstreamz™ XL Installation Instructions:


Classic™ Installation Instructions:

Ear Covers Installation Instructions:


All Cat-Ears products should be hand washed with mild soap and dried flat

to maintain shape, effectiveness and longevity.

 For our faux fur products, it helps to brush the fur after washing (while wet)

with fingers, comb or brush, to maintain shape.

For optimal performance, it is best to wear any eye glasses over the helmet straps rather than under.  Wearing glasses under the straps will create a gap allowing air to flow through and diminish the effectiveness of our products.

Please follow helmet manufacturer and Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute guidelines when fitting your helmet.