"I had the opportunity to try your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized that I could hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of

5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise, but I was very

impressed with the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."

League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor / Coach

Triathlon Essentials

"Wrap this half inch pile material around your helmet strap to reduce wind noise in your ears... so can more easily hear cars coming and friends talking."

Erin Beresini, Outside Magazine

Our Favorite Cycling Wind Gear

"With Cat-Ears, I found I was enjoying rides more... Simply because I could hear more of what I wanted and less of what I didn't."

Joe Lindsey, Bicycling Magazine

"Cat-Ears work well at reducing wind noise, particularly at higher speeds. Allowing improved awareness of surrounding traffic and racers. I heard little more than tires, gears, and birds on my a.m. ride."

James Huang, Tech. Editor, BikeRadar / CyclingNews

"Do they work? Yes, as advertised, Cat-Ears reduce wind noise. We logged a handful of rides wearing the Classic Pro model and found it easier to hear traffic and carry on conversations."

Jason Sumner, RoadBikeReview.com / MTBR

"I can't say enough good things about this product. Wind noise can inhibit one's ability to distinguish traffic noise, often a first line of defense, particularly in an urban setting, Cat-Ears don't restrict hearing while others I've tried do."

Patrick Finley, Adventure Cycling Association

Innovative wind noise reduction solutions since 2012.

We stand behind our products as the most effective devices of their kind.

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is a leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products.  Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest-rated and best-selling products designed for serious cyclists / outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

Aeroacoustic Engineering Research and Product Development | Cedaredge, Colorado

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