Customer Comments and Feedback

"I had the opportunity to try your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized that I could hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of

5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise, but I was very

impressed with the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."

League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor / Coach / Customer

"These make a huge difference, helping you hear approaching traffic!"

(CH - Minnesota)

Five Stars: "Makes you slower! OK, it doesn't make you slower, but it does block enough of the wind noise that judging by

the noise level you would guess you are going slower. A little bit bulky (in size, weighs next to nothing) and occasionally bumps

into your sunglasses but I say this is a handy little product."

(GS - Amazon US)

"I wore my cat-ears today for the first time. They are really great! The wind noise was dramatically reduced. I am really impressed!

Will definitely recommend them to cycling friends."

(PO - Canada)


"Seit einigen Jahren besitzen ich die Cat-Ears Classic Fur. Als Rennradfahrer sieht man damit eher bescheiden aus. Obgleich sie eine gute Wirkung erzielen, trage ich sie eher selten. Die neuen AirStreamz Pro lösen dieses Problem. Sie saugen sich nicht mehr so voll, sie sind deutlich unauffälliger und haben annähernd die gleiche Wirkung. Ich finde, dass sie gelungen sind. Man hört die Vögel wieder zwitschern, was ein echter Gewinn ist. Zudem ertappe ich mich dabei, dass ich aufgrund des geringen Windgeräusches meine schneller fahren zu müssen. Das zeigt, dass sie wirken. Empfehlung.
Hinweis: Der Brillenbügel sollte über dem Helmgurt laufen und die AirStreamz sollten unter dem Brillenbügel ansetzen, also nicht zu tief sitzen." 

(GB - Germany / Amazon DE)

"A must have for city cycling. AirStreamz work as described. I never noticed wind noise until I

found out about these and now I wished I had them a long time ago."

(Five Star Review - Amazon US)

Five Stars: "I was skeptical at first but they really do cut down on wind noise. I can hear cars coming up behind me much better and conversations from the group that I am riding with. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the performance of these wind noise reducers. I have been on 4 rides with them now - will see how they hold up over time but at this price that really is not that much of an issue."

(JG - Amazon US)

"I have Meniere's Disease and the wind noise would sometimes trigger a vertigo attack. This has made SUCH a difference. Even before I had Meniere's I would have worn these because the wind noise can be so unsettling at times and cause anxiety. I loved it when we would stop to rest because it would give my ears a rest too. Now, I'm much calmer the entire ride and no vertigo."

(JN - Amazon)

 "I found Cat-Ears to be extremely effective in lessening wind noise. I used to wear hats or headbands to minimize the annoying swooshing sounds but they were impractical in warm weather. If you dislike the wind even a fraction as much as I do, give them a try. The Cat-Ears website does a nice job of explaining the different styles."

(JL - Amazon)

Five Stars: "Cat-Ears really DO work! Initial testing for around 2 hours worth of riding showed remarkable results with noticeable reductions in wind noise! Amazing such a simple thing works so well. And they are not nearly as obtrusive as many have suggested, most people have to be told to look before they notice mine. Further testing awaits on a 7-day ride across Iowa next week!"

(MM - Amazon US)


Five Stars: "Amazing! That annoying wind noise is history. Having tried these for a few weeks now, there's no way I'd be willingly to go without them. The amount of reduction does seem to depend to a degree on wind direction - but for most of my riding the noise has pretty much gone. The only down side of this is I can hear some of the worrying ticks and creaks that my bike is making!"

(TJ - United Kingdom)

Five Stars: "Wasn't sure they were working until co-riders told me the wind noise that night was deafening at times and I had not noticed at all;

and I could hear the conversations of riders behind me without asking 'what' every time."

(CM - Amazon)

"I was skeptical, but these wind noise reducers actually work as described. I can hear approaching traffic again! Money well spent."

(MA - Washington)

"They (Cat-Ears AirStreamz) help with safety as you can hear traffic instead of wind in your ears."

(MG - Iowa)

"I think they work by about 50% to 75% which is very helpful to reduce that annoying noise... they really appear to work."

(SJ - Michigan)

Five Stars: "Works well to reduce the noise from rushing air. My rides are more pleasant with the reduction in 'ear fatigue'."

(J - Amazon)

Five Stars: "Put this on my helmet in 2 minutes. Can definitely hear the difference. Such a simple thing works so well."

(JK - Amazon)


"Bought these (Cat-Ears AirStreamz) after a friend was hit from behind and killed while riding.

They really do help. I also bought a mirror. Now I can hear the vehicles coming and keep an eye on them."

(T. - California)

"Dramatic wind roar reduction at 20 mph+. With Airstreamz at 25mph I can hear my tires on the road and that steady hum of my aluminum aero wheels like I was going only 5mph without the Airstreamz. Now 30 mph sounds like 10 mph used to sound. I notice now that the wind roar had a psychological effect, damping my momentum to increase speed. A confidence sets in now dispelling the natural response of hesitation and unconscious concern created by the increasing roar of the wind on my ears. What you hear definitely affects your pedaling behavior, whether you know it or not. Excellent product." (RW - Amazon U.S.)


"I ride nearly every day and AirStreamz keep the wind noise down and I never leave home without them."

(BV - United States)

"They Work! The concept seemed plausible and the price was right so I took a chance. You know what? They work well.

I was having issues hearing approaching vehicles behind me. Discerning what was wind noise or a car was always tricky.

It was pretty frustrating. This quieted my ride enough that my perception of sound all around is much better and I feel safer.

Highly recommend these." (AO - Amazon)

"(Cat-Ears AirStreamz) work great. Cuts wind noise to help have better conversations."

(DF - United States)

"I bought a pair, have biked several hundred miles with them and believe they really work. Obviously, they don't cut out all the wind noise, but do reduce it quite a bit. My cycling buddies tell me that they look a lot like black sideburns. That may be true, which could explain my recent overwhelming urge to sing Elvis songs while biking."

(CB - Texas)


"They really work. I can now hear cars behind me and conversations with fellow cyclists. This is the best $16 I've spent on cycling."

(DK - Minnesota)

"Nice to get rid of wind noise. Easier to hear cars approaching from behind that you might not see in your mirror. Simple installation."

(S - Amazon U.S.)

 "I could hear bikers talking several rows ahead of me. Even on our fastest downhill, the wind was not too loud.

I can hear it going just over my ear and hitting the back of my ear but not right in my ear canal so it's a lot better than without them.

I would say I hear the cars better too but this ride was so large and I was towards the front so there's no way I can hear a car that far behind us."

(NT - Georgia)

"I'll be honest, I thought I was buying into hype but figured $14.95 was less than an evening movie and thus had nothing to lose.
I was wrong. The noise is cut down, I can more easily hear others. I can hear music, I can more easily identify cars coming from behind.
Cat-Ears are the real deal." (AZ - United States)

"I was a bit sceptical about buying these but am quite impressed with them whilst they do not stop all wind noise they do cut it down quite a lot. I suffer from tinnitus and these help a lot especially after a run when wind noise would aggravate my hearing issues."

(DW - United Kingdom)

"They are unobtrusive; I really can't feel they are there. They do provide decent wind noise reduction, which I'd say amounts to about

50 to 60 percent during normal rides around 15 to 18 mph, allowing me to hold conversations with fellow riders and hear cars around me easier. Overall a good, inexpensive, unobtrusive purchase that does help with wind noise."

(ME - United States)

Five Stars: "This doesn't cut out all wind noise, but it does make a significant difference in being able to hear traffic.

I haven't had any trouble with putting my sunglasses over the helmet strap, which I was apparently doing, anyway."

(B - Amazon U.S.)

Five Stars: "AirStreamz Pro make a huge difference on my rides, highly recommend!"  (SB - California)

"(AirStreamz) work great! Noise reduced by 60 - 70%. Easy to swap to my other helmet. I can now easily hear my riding partner."

(JM - United States)


"They work. I've used them for over 2 years now and do not want to miss them.

It is when you ride without that you realize how much wind noise they take away."

(DV - Belgium)

"I got a pair, Its not miraculous, but they do definitely work.

I listen to podcasts on headphones and now i can hear them even going into a heavy wind.

They also make it look like i have some awesome side burns so there's that. I was only slightly mocked in the last group ride,

less abuse than i expected really." (JH - Texas)

"Don't expect it to eliminate wind noise, but it does cut down on it a lot... I would say 75%.

You can talk to the person you are riding with easily and can actually hear the rubber on the road."

(TP - United States)

 "I have a pair of Cat-Ears, and while they look goofy, they have made riding on windy days about 10x more pleasant.

I don't ride without them anymore." (RS - Washington)

"A friend had recommended these and I think they work great. They help reduce the wind noise while riding and help with hearing the cars of conversation, during a chat ride. These are slightly different than the original model, but work just the same.

Easy to install and no complaints what so ever." (DC - United States)

"Remarkable. These do exactly what they say. I'm rather skeptical of most products, but this one is spot on. Very impressive."

(CL - Amazon)


"Thanks very much for allowing me to test your recently introduced AirStreamz product.

I have ridden about 150 miles using this product, with speeds up to around 45 mph in headwinds, tailwinds and crosswinds.

In sum, I have found that this model works extremely well.  In fact, they seem to work better than the earlier cat-ears products

I have used and enjoyed (Classic, Classic II).  The signal-to-wind noise ratio is the best so far. In addition, I find that the efficacy

of wind noise reduction is sustained through a greater range of head rotation, crosswinds, etc. than the earlier models.

The effectiveness of these devices does not seem to diminish markedly with increasing cycling velocities." 

(AT, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Vassar College"


"I've been trying the new Airstreamz during group ride in 20+ mph head- and cross-wind. To my surprise the Airstreamz worked great,

the low rumbling wind noise was greatly reduced and so I was able to hear other people talking in which I always struggled hearing

given the same wind condition. I also was able to hear approaching traffic better. The only negative thing is that the "sideburn" does look funky, perhaps I'm just not used to the look yet. Maybe some people have facial feature that fit the "sideburn" look, but my face just doesn't fit sideburn stereotype. ha ha. I'm sticking to it though because the Airstreamz works so well and it's actually making my cycling more enjoyable and safer." (DT - Missouri)

"I've had the 3 different Cat-Ears products now. The new Airstreamz are by far the best of them all. I've worn them for about a month now and I am amazed the difference between them and the old classic fur ones. These hold there shape, easy to clean, and are even more quiet. They are almost too good... I can actually here my spokes rubbing going down the road on my road bike. Unfortunately, I can also tell that my gravel bike needs a tune up from all the creaking I hear from it. Well done..." (CB - Iowa)

"Wow. They really do reduce noise as they say. Doing 30mph its about 50% noise reduction. Worth the buy and the money."

(TF - United Kingdom)

"I have a pair of these that I use with my Giro Pneumo Helmet which has great ventilation, but which is so noisy

 that without the Cat-Ears all I hear is wind noise. With the Cat-Ears I can enjoy the peaceful sounds of my bike and can

 hear cars as they approach from the rear. Great product."  (EP - Washington, DC)

"I just got a pair of Airstreamz. I put 'em on the helmet I use with my Giro 26s and was shocked at the difference they make. It took until the second ride for me to realize that the effect is just like riding with a good tailwind cutting the sound way, way back. Seemed like I was riding faster too - maybe because I thought I had a tailwind. (C - United States)

"These AirStreamz really work. Wearing them removes the sharp/loud wind noise as the wind is no longer passing directly over your ears. You will still hear wind, but it will be reduced similar to standing in front of a fan on its low setting, as opposed to sticking your head out of a moving car's window. I have bad hearing, so before trying these I was only ever able to hear the birds chirping (or cars coming) when I was at a full stop on my bike. Now I hear both at my normal riding speed, making a big difference in my early morning rides."

(MR - Amazon US)


"LOVE this product. What a difference they make to the quality of my ride. I can hear what is going on around me bike noises, traffic, the conversations, I can have conversations. WOW thanks!"  (TC - Oregon)

"My wife loves these (Ear-Covers). She gets cold (even when it's not very cold out), and these help a lot.

Very easy to install and to remove and wash. No complaints. "(JA - Amazon)


"I bought some for myself after an internet search... I love them, they are such a great idea. So I also bought my dad some

 and he also loves them, so thank you!"  (GF - Australia)


"I received my Cat-Ears Classics II yesterday... and I gave them a test ride today. Results: The Cat-Ears significantly

 reduce wind noise at all speeds. Just a guess: Wind noise is reduced by at least 70%. I pulled them away from my face several times while riding,

and the difference in wind noise was very noticeable. I can hear cars approaching from the rear much sooner.

 I suspect that they would be very helpful when riding in a pack with others. The best part: The Cat-Ears look a little bit like Elvis sideburns.

What could be wrong with that ? After all, he was the king of rock and roll. Buy them... you won't regret it." 

(JB - South Carolina)

"I use Cat-Ears. I find they reduce the amount of stress that persistent noise can cause,

and I feel safer because I am able to hear everything a lot more clearly." (CW - United States)

"Vraiment très efficace. J'avais depuis toujours des bouchons dans les oreilles carnaval vitesse au delà de 25 km heure le bruit du vent dans les oreilles m'est insupportable. Même avec les bouchons ça restait très présent. Et là... Le top. Faut bien régler la fixation (mettre vraiment à la hauteur des oreilles, les lunettes doivent passer au dessus de l'attache du casque et non en dessous car ça permet l'air de passer entre la peau et le catsears,ce qui amoindrit l'effecacite, etc..). Du coup j'entends parfaitement les voitures tout en étant complètement soulagé de ses bruits oppressants, même à 50 km heure vent de face et même vent sur le côté ! Je recommande !"  (AC - France)

"Wow... if your not sure how much noise these reduce. Stick your index finger in front of your ear that's how it sound's. I'd say at 20 mph into a head wind it cuts noise by 60% and you can really hear everything around you. When it's no wind or a tail wind the reduction is 100% - so so quiet. You won't be disappointed." (TF - United Kingdom)


"My Classics Pro and Ear Covers arrived today... I went for a test ride with the Classics Pro, and the difference in noise level is not subtle... Thanks for making a clever product that does what it says it does."  (GP - Ohio)


"I have tested your Cat Ears - Full Satisfaction"   (MŁ - Poland)


 "I've noticed that when I ride with them, the lack of stress from wind sounds makes me more relaxed and overall I enjoy the ride even more. Less tension = more fun."  (MB - New York)


"Tried my new Cat-Ears today and LOVED them! I've been annoyed by road noise for a long time and these really work.

  Thank You!" (KM - Washington)


"Another satisfied Cat Ears user. As a velomobile rider, I cruise in the mid 20 mph range, and they reduce wind noise by at least 50%. I think, because of our seating position, they are of even more benefit to we recumbent riders than they are to riders of upright bikes. I can't think of a better sub $20 purchase for riding." (VV - Florida)


"Got my Classic II's yesterday. 24-mile trial run today - AWESOME!"  (PH - Ohio)

"Ear-Covers worked great this morning in 40 degree weather. Easy to remove while riding without taking your helmet off.

They reduce wind noise a lot too! Highly recommend." (Amazon Customer)


"Hello Heidi... thank you for processing my recent order for Cat-Ears 'Classics', which arrived today. I fitted them right away and went out for a test-run. Where we live in the North of England, on the edge of the Lake District, our roads are narrow with a lot of hills, bends, quite poorly surfaced, and at times very busy with traffic. YES, Cat-Ears DO work, the difference is remarkable, but the big plus-point has got to be the safety aspect, for now I can hear cars, etc. coming up behind well before they pass and you can easily tell if there is a string of vehicles there. This is in addition to now being able to hear everything else that's going on, which is a pleasure! Many thanks again!"  (DS - United Kingdom)


"Every helmet, especially kids helmets should come with this to hear cars approach from behind because cars keep getting quieter especially electric cars. You can hear your friends talk, listen for mechanical problems, and have less fatigue on a long ride." 


"Love 'em. They really work." (RA - Florida)


"I wanted to let you know I love my Cat Ears Classics II!! I normally wear hearing aids but can’t on my rides. They simply amplify the wind noise, and I don’t want to get sweat in them. Therefore, I ride without them which means my hearing is *significantly* diminished beyond your typical rider. I rode a century the day after I received my Cat Ears. I could actually hear my surroundings and talk with fellow bikers! I highly recommend these to anyone with hearing issues. Thank you!"  (BH - Ohio)


"I want to put in a plug for Cat-ears, they are cloth attachments that you put on the helmet strap in front of your ears that greatly reduce wind noise. I have a pair of the classics and really love them, they enable me to hear conversations and approaching cars. Reducing wind noise also helps protect hearing function since long term exposure to higher noise levels contribute to hearing loss and tinnitus."

(BentRider Legacy Contributor)

I haven't yet tried their air-streamz, but am very happy with the Classics. I have no affiliation with the company, just a satisfied customer.


"I'm convinced that I have slight hearing loss in the frequency range that is the same as the wind passing your ears while riding/racing. It may be mental, but I struggle to hear sounds within that range. Not a stupid product."  (MJ - Spain)


"I just got mine. Very happy! They cut wind noise overall by maybe half. Just as important, the tonal quality of the remaining

noise is better, rounder and softer. I'm sold. I do get warm and fuzzy feelings around the litter box though :-)"  (JF - New York)


"Yesterday I did the Ventura Cool Breeze metric century, my first group ride with Fleece Fingers. Normally, I spend a lot of time with my own thoughts, as I cannot hear what anybody is saying, unless they are right next to me. With Fleece Fingers, I could not only hear my riding buddy, but I could hear the conversations of people ahead of me and behind me."  (EF - California)


"My fellow bicycle commuter friend bought a pair for me and they work so well! I can hear the wind spinning through my tires ... and the tires of the guy about to pass me on the road."  (LK - Colorado)

"Best investment (Ear-Covers) for a comfortable cold weather ride." (F / Amazon Customer)


"I just bought a pair of the Classic Pros and darn if these things don't work! I have rather large wind catchers (ears) and riding in strong winds is insufferable. Cat-Ears cuts the wind noise exactly as stated. Not having that pounding my head gives me more strength and energy to fight the winds. I no longer cringe riding on windy days. Thank you Cat-Ears!!!"  (KM - Indiana)


Below is a letter written by one of our customers to his cycling group regarding wind noise and hearing loss:


Dear Fellow Riders:


   We all wear helmets to protect our heads, sunglasses to protect our eyes, and sun block

   to prevent skin cancer.  But we ignore our ears.


  Since I recently ended up with partial hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear, my ENT doctor

  warned that wind noise from cycling was damaging my ears. I found a graph, and sure enough,

    we’re subjecting our ears to noise levels far beyond the 85 db threshold at which OSHA requires

  protective headphones... My doctor explained that noise damage is cumulative over one’s lifetime

 - kind of like hitting a steak in the same place over and over until finally one day the meat gives

  out. This is why hearing loss and tinnitus are an “old persons disease.” One day you wake up - 

  and you’ve got tinnitus and senso-neural hearing loss - and it is IRREVERSIBLE.  Well, trust me, 

  you don’t want hearing aids and the constant 24/7 ringing in your ears from tinnitus. Protect

  yourself while you still can.  Don’t play Russian Roulette with your ears.  It’s just not smart.

  I searched the cycling forums and discovered several solutions. The “Cat Ears” were the least

  intrusive and can cut wind noise by 20 db, so we bought some.  I’ve ridden with them twice and

  they are bloody fantastic.  Not only do they cut back on the dangerous noise level, but I can now

  hear cars and other people much easier. I can even hear the hum of my wheels on descents where

  previously all I got was wind noise in my ears.  These things attach to your helmet strap and work

  on the principle of the fur in a cat’s ear.  Have a look at the website:

Regards,  Tom


"I figured I have risked $16 on things that didn't work before, might as well try these. They work! Even at 10-15 mph, they really work! I need silver-gray to match my hair but I want reddish ones so I can look more like Bradley Wiggins..."  (BE - North Carolina)


"Bloody good idea!"  (AH - United Kingdom)


"I had the opportunity to try some of your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized that I could hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of 5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise, but I was very impressed with the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."  League Cycling Instructor/Coach


"My old roomie/good friend Scott introduced me to Cat-Ears this week. With a temp of 34 degree I decided it was time to try them out! I really think my ears were the only part of my body that were NOT cold! Oh, and I could hear too! Thank you!


...On the ride home, I switched out the full ear covers to the smaller wind blocking ones. What a great little gadget! 

I love my Cat-Ears! Thank you!!!"  (AL - California)

"We are big fans of Cat Ears too! Been riding with them for 5 years and love them. Riding a Screamer on rail trails now for three seasons we hate to stop at crossroads that have very low traffic we depend on Cat Ears to hear traffic to confirm the visual. Being able to talk and listen to fellow riders (also wearing Cats) makes a ride much more fun too. They're Great!"

(MB - BentRider)


"Received my Cat-Ears last Friday and had the best rides on Saturday and Sunday. Here in Denver we had up to 20 mile an hour winds and the Cat-Ears reduced the noise levels quite a bit. They are on my helmet and will stay."  (DS - Colorado)


"Dear Cat-Ears - my forward-thinking bike commuter friend purchased a pair of the Classic version for me as a holiday gift. I instantly noticed a significant improvement in my ability to hear him as we pedaled to work. My black fuzzy "Elvis Sideburns" have been the talk of the local club rides - everyone wants to know what they are! I've spread the gospel of Cat-Ears to anyone willing to listen. Thank you for making such an awesome product. xoxo"   (LK - Pennsylvania)

"I've been using them for years, but I just got my first hearing aids so bought the new cat ears "HA" (hearing aid) model. They are longer, so they go much higher up and block wind going over the top of the ear better if your hearing aids have microphones riding on top of the ear (as most do these days). The HA models work better with my hearing aids, though the originals weren't bad either."

(D - Recumbent Forum)


"Brilliant!"  (CJ - New Jersey)


"Just wanted to let you know that I really love the pair of ear covers I purchased. I've been wearing them all "spring"

 (it's been 30 degrees & rainy in Minnesota) while commuting to work on my bike and they've kept my ears nice and toasty warm. Thanks for the great product."  (AB - Minnesota) 


"I used mine for the first time during my group ride last Saturday. It was very windy the whole time. I was able to hear the conversations around me very clearly. These things work."  (PC - Texas)


"Hey, Just wanted to let you know that your product is also a huge help for us hearing aid users. With the cat ears I'm able to do

 long rides and the velodrome with the hearing aids in, couldn't do it before (20yrs of competitive riding) because it sounded like a jet engine in my ear for 3+ hrs. I was telling my audiologist about them and she was interested, she would love to see something like this for golfers too."  (RS - North Carolina)

"They look a bit like Elvis side burns but you get over that real quick once you realize how great these actually work."

(MP - Tennessee)

"Love these (Ear-Covers). When I exercise in cold weather I get severe ear pain which usually makes me nauseated.

These prevent it. They're not too bulky or too hot. And easy to remove!" (ME - United States)


"I highly recommend and the little Cat-Ear sticker sent with each pair ordered is a nice touch." (FS - Illinois)


"They definitely cut wind noise... anything you do to reduce the sensory feedback that you are pushing hard (~less wind noise)... reduces your perceived effort, subconsciously convincing you to pedal harder."  (Triathlon Forum Comment)

"We rode several Cat-Ears models and, despite some initial skepticism, the concept seems valid and the effect on wind noise is undeniable. It isn't completely suppressed - especially at downhill speeds in excess of 50kmp (31mph) - but the more generously proportioned models decrease the din by a surprising amount."  James Huang - Technical Editor at


"Bravissimi, ci avevo pensato anche io ! bella invenzione grandi!"  (FS - Italy)


"Used my new ear covers today.... was 42 degrees out with 25+ mph wind gusts. I am in Western Kansas right now with nothing more than wheat fields as far as the eyes can see, so the wind is brutal. All I can say is I love these!!!!! My ears stayed warm, and the wind noise was minimal! At my fastest I was cruising 23 mph and the wind reduction was amazing!!


I can't imagine not having these!! Thanks again - you guys rock!"  (BC - Kansas)

"Really struggled with wind noise while cycling. Searched everywhere for solutions and did not find a total fix. I wore ear plugs for a while but don't really like to totally block sound while riding. These are good. They do not totally eliminate all wind noise but do reduce it to a tolerable level and I can still hear approaching vehicles and conversation." (RN - United States)


"I just tried these out on my ride to work this morning. Wow! They really work. It's amazing that something so simple can make such a difference. Without all that wind noise in my ears, I could hear... that I need to oil my chain.


...I wish you'd been making these back in 1977 when I was racing."  (SS - California)


"This is brilliant! I have issues with air rushing past my ears (below about 75 F it actually gives me a headache, who knows why!) and have been known to do silly things like wear ear muffs or put bits of cotton balls in my ears." (MR - Oregon)


"There were a few great receded elvisonion comments, which I gladly ate up. I still love my Cat Ears, newly renamed pork chops. Super cool and they work great!"  (JH - Colorado)


"Just got mine, preliminary test @20-25mph they work great. I'll try them out for a longer ride tomorrow. Thanks for a great product!"

(JC - New Mexico)


"Got mine last week. So much quieter, Thank you!"  (AA - Colorado)


"I have a pair of these. So cool!"  (DF - California)

"Absolutely amazing!! would recommend to others!! no more wind noise or cold ears. I can still hear everyone clearly." (PS - United States)


"The biggest thing I noticed is that the high frequency whistle of air at high speeds is definitely reduced! That means that they

 must work and over time, usage will reduce hearing loss compared to using nothing at all.... I could hear riders conversing behind me better as I climbed up Latigo Canyon. In fact, I thought the riders were a lot closer to me..."  (BH - California)


"Love your Ear Covers and have been using them daily during the cold weather. They block out wind noise well." (MS - Texas) 


"This product is a classic head-slap in, 'why didn't I think of this!' - *slap* My ears ring like crazy after every ride from wind noise. Cat-Ears reduce the wind volume entering my ears and result in less apres-ride ringing. Brilliant!"

 (DL - Michigan)


"Love my Cat-Ears"  (RB - Montana)


"I've had mine for about 3 months and love them. Yeah, they look a little goofy but I'm way past the age where that bothers me.

 Wind noise drives me crazy and these significantly reduce the annoying sound."  Road Bike Review Forum Member


"Best idea. Ever"  (KB - France)


"Getting around by bike is enjoyed by all the senses... and the simple and ingenious Cat-Ears allow us to hear what is really important... without the distortion of the air (wind noise)"  Manel Ibars - Bicimag (Spain)


"This actually makes ALOT of sense! Every time I ride, I can never hear people I ride with unless I am right next to them and at times that's a safety hazard, especially around the Boulder, Longmont, Larimer County areas. I think your product should be on every bike helmet as an added safety measure. Great product!"  (JL - Colorado)


"I have to hand it to whoever came up with these! There's nothing better than riding my bike in peace. And my ears are warm! Thanks Cat Ears!"  (EC - California)


 "Soooo smart! My ears get tunnel cold all the time!" (NK - Colorado)


"Okay, I'm already a dork cause I use a rear view mirror (on my glasses). It's a personal preference and I love it... can't live without it. Today I tried something called Cat Ears. Extremely dorky looking without a headband or hat, but I have to say it ROCKS! I did River Rd in very northerly windy conditions and all I heard was birds and crickets. If you put your index and middle finger extended in front of your ear, on your cheek, you will see how it works. Every now and then I moved them away and all I heard was whoosh in my ears. So, if you're all about comfort and enjoyment, give them a try! (They're cheap, too)."  (MB - New York)


"So I finally got the nerve to try these things this past weekend and... they're friggin' awesome. Seriously - the noise reduction is huge. If you're like me and find wind noise annoying, give these things a try."  (RG - New York)


"I wore a pair of these on my ride this weekend and was impressed by the sound reduction. And an added benefit was they helped keep my ears warmer. They didn't seem to have any effect on my ability to hear the world around me." 


"These things are a beauty in their simplicity. Reduce wind noise and save your life. A no-brainer for anyone who likes to ride fast and cut up the mayhem of the streets. I highly recommend this simple add-on."  (JT - Virginia)


"Well, I've been saying for years I was gonna make something like this for my straps..."  (UP - Colorado)


"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" (MM - Pennsylvania)


"OMG - I also have said someday I'm gonna invent something that reduces wind noise while riding a bike! Congrats to the person that beat me to it!!"  (PP - Massachusetts) 


"Brisk ride this morning. Good thing i had my cat-ears to keep my ears warm!"  (GR - Colorado)


"Love 'em. They definitely make a difference."  (FL - Tennessee) 


"I wore a pair of these on my ride this weekend and was impressed by the sound reduction. And an added benefit was they

 helped keep my ears warmer."   Bike Forums Comment


"Got my package yesterday! Thank you! These things work very well. My friends and I are not big helmet wearers, because of the wind noise, even though we are well aware of the dangers, but with these on the front straps, I can actually hear almost everything going on around me. It took a little convincing for the others to try them out, but when they did, they were very surprised! Thanks..and you have several more fans in Florida! I know we will be doing the 'show and tell' around here!"  (AO - Florida)


And many more comments we have not posted...

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