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Academic Research

Combining our own multi-faceted wind noise testing / analysis with shared academic research.


We support academic research regarding ear-wind noise and we are proud to have had Cat-Ears included in thesis work performed at a major technical university in Germany.  When the thesis was finished, we were pleased to learn that the most effective prototype did not outperform our products: "Regarding the comparison of the final prototype created in this thesis work (vs. Cat-Ears)... It turns out that a similar effect can be achieved with Cat-Ears."


Please contact us if you are interested in our support or involvement regarding passive wind noise reduction.

Wind tunnel (open jet type) testing at a major technical university in Germany.


Wind deflecting prototypes from thesis work at a major university in the United States.

Tests on humans have revealed that exposure to low levels of noise for a moderate period of time have resulted in emotional and physical fatigue. Other symptoms that become evident at higher levels of noise exposure are nausea and loss of acute motor skill coordination as well as lower results concerning attention in problems requiring higher concentration. The area of health is directly related to the importance of safety as it relates to (temporary or permanent) hearing damage due to exposure to wind noise...


We would like to thank Porter Gieske for contacting Cat-Ears and sharing his Masters Thesis with us.

At Cat-Ears, we imagine, solve, design, and lead.  Always with unyielding integrity.

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