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  so simple can make such a huge difference...  I wish you'd been making these back when I was racing."  (SS - California)

"The lack of stress from wind sound makes me more relaxed and overall I enjoy the ride even more.   Less tension = more fun."

"Tried my Cat-Ears today and LOVED them!  I've been annoyed by wind noise for a long time and these really work.  Thank You!"
Our products are designed, tested, and assembled in Boulder, Colorado... allowing us to maintain the highest quality control... and rapidly prototype design concepts that would be difficult, if at all possible, if we had our products manufactured overseas. Cat-Ears are made from the finest materials available, including soft and sound permeable 200 and 300 weight fleece (~50% recycled content) and Velcro®. The Faux Fur has a pile length of only 1/2" and ounce weight of 26. It is 100% Acrylic with a finished sheen.
Taking a cue from nature, we
use soft sound permeable materials (fur~fleece) to significantly reduce wind noise... similar to how the recording industry reduces microphone wind noise 

Visit our 'How They Work' page and listen to the wind noise demo on 'our Wind Noise' page
The objective is to reduce the effect(s) of the wind... without blocking sound waves

Classics I
Classics II
Classics Pro
Strap Wraps
Ear Covers
$14.00 - $16.00
   Dampen       Buffer       Deflect

"Serious Wind Noise Reduction For Serious Cyclists"
All Cat-Ears
 Products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Read the Cycling
 Industry Product Reviews and Customer Testimonials
 Our products have been tested by major cycling publications and we have sold thousands of Cat-Ears since
 we opened in 2012... our approach* has been proven to be the most effective solution for reducing Wind Noise.
 Our soft, sound permeable materials dampen, buffer, and deflect without 'blocking' the sounds you want to hear
- Hear cyclists about to overtake you       - Hear approaching cars and trucks
    > Easily attach to the helmet straps

    > Soft materials dampen/deflect wind

    > Comfortable - no hard plastic/rubber

    > Acoustic transparence is maintained

    > High quality moisture wicking material

    > Designed, Tested, and Made in the USA

    > Performance + Satisfaction Guaranteed
About our products:
* "Turbulent (wind) velocity fluctuations, converted to pressure fluctuations, are a primary source of annoying ear wind noise.
Fur works by absorbing this turbulence energy and the efficiency is very high… and since it absorbs energy, it contributes no noise itself."
The solution to reduce Wind Noise while cycling
Created by cyclists for cyclists
“Cat-Ears work well at reducing wind noise, particularly at higher speeds. This allows for improved awareness of surrounding         traffic (and racers)” - “heard little more than tires, gears, and birds on my am ride.” J. Huang, Tech Editor at BikeRadar (2014)

"Yes, these fuzzy helmet-strap add-ons make riders look like Elvis impersonators. No, that’s not their only purpose. (Though
 that’s certainly reason enough to buy them.) Wrap this half-inch pile of faux fur around your front helmet strap to reduce wind
 noise in your ears by 40 to 60 percent, so you can more easily hear cars coming and friends talking. For races, pick up some
 lower-profile Cat Ear Pros."  Erin Beresini, (8 Triathlon Essentials for Racing Fast, Training Hard...) Outside Magazine (2014)

"We rode several Cat-Ears models and, despite some initial skepticism, the concept seems valid and the effect on wind is
  undeniable. It isn't completely suppressed - especially at downhill speeds in excess of 50 kmh (31mph) - but the more
  generously proportioned models decrease the din by a surprising amount."  James Huang - Tech Editor at BikeRadar (2012)

"Getting around by bike is enjoyed by all the senses... the simple and ingenious Cat-Ears allow us to hear what is really
  important... without the distortion of the air (~ wind noise)..." Translation from the review by Manel Ibars at Bicimag (Spain)

"With these (Cat-Ears), you're blocking that... noise coming from the wind, now you can actually hear more of what's coming
  up behind you... if you are in a road race or mountain bike cross country race, you'll be able to better hear your opponent
  attacking you from behind and this will give you an advantage over the other racers." From the review on Bike Sport Radio

"We tested various models for many months... yes, they work! Obviously they don't fully eliminate wind noise. However, the
  reduction proves significant..." Translation from the review by Amal Donnet (correspondant-testeur) at Velo de Route (France)

"Do they work? Yes, as advertised, Cat-Ears reduce wind noise while riding. We logged a handful of rides wearing the Classics Pro
 model and found it easier to hear traffic and carry on conversations with our riding friends..."  Jason Sumner (Road Bike Review)

Read about Cat-Ears, LLC in:
About Cat-Ears
All of our products are Patent / Patent Pending protected.
Cat-Ears is a registered trademarks.
Others may try to copy our products... don't be fooled by unsubstantiated product claims.
Our products have been tried and tested by the major cycling publications.
Cat-Ears are designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado
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Read the BikeRadar Product Review
Listen to the Cat-Ears Product Review
We greatly appreciate all the very positive
 reviews that our innovative products have received.
"I had the opportunity to try your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized
that I could hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of 5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise,
but I was very impressed with the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."
                                                                                                        League (of American Bicyclists) Cycling Instructor/Coach
"LOVE this product. What a difference they make to the quality of my ride."  (TC - Oregon)

"Just got mine (Classics II), preliminary test @20-25 mph they work great..."  (JC - New Mexico)

"Brisk ride this morning... glad I had my Cat-Ears (Ear Covers) to keep my ears warm!" (GR - Colorado)

"The ones that cut the most noise for me are Classics... the wind noise attenuation is amazing."  (RBR Forum)

"I tried these out on my ride to work this morning (Classics II).  Wow!  They really work.  It's amazing that somthing
- Carry on conversations with friends     - Hear potential bike / mechanical issues     - Protect your ears / hearing
Racing/TeamsCycling ClubsDeal of the WeekCycling SafetyHearing/FatigueGiving Back

Cycling Industry Reviews are Unanimous... Cat-Ears Significantly Reduce Wind Noise!
We believe product integrity is important if we are to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We do not believe we can maintain product integrity if we let someone else make our products. We benefit from volume purchasing and very short material(s) order to delivery times. Our products and the materials they are made from, are made in the USA.  We don't import or outsource anything... and domestic manufacturing creates a smaller footprint. Our products are, of course, 100% Performance/Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Made in the USA
Our Classics Products Provide Unsurpassed Wind Noise Reduction
Classics Elite
(Colder Weather Warmth)
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(All Purpose)
Less Wind Noise (-8dB / -12 dB) + Warmth
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(Casual / Commuting)
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Read the BikeRadar Product Review
Tour and Criterium
Sound Permeable vs. Sound Blocking

We found the wind +sound blocking approach troublesome since it can create a reduced sound or hearing area (i.e. Acoustic Shadow) that can impact a bicyclists normal Spatial (distance/direction) Hearing.
Cat-Ears... Only Factual / Evidence Based Product Performance Claims
** In addition, wind noise reduction performance claims based on microphone readings/recordings can be misleading... Ask any hearing aid user who cycles and you will learn that microphones in or around the ear increase the effect of the wind... i.e. microphone diaphragms are uniquely susceptible to flow based wind turbulence. "When wind hits the microphone (of the hearing aid), it can cause excessive noise." From our experience, the effect is non-linear and can overstate higher end wind noise by 1, 2, 3, 4... dB's depending on the wind/cycling speed.