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AirStreamz™ Slim

AirStreamz™ Slim


Introducing our new AirStreamz Slim™.  A slim, low profile addition to our AirStreamz™ line, this new product is highly effective and works well on both tight and not-so-tight straps (see installation instructions).  AirStreamz Slim™ are great for all types of cycling.

AirStreamz Slim™ are made of a unique polyester pile fabric that is lightweight, hydrophobic (moisture repelling), quick drying, and mildew resistant.  While this unique fabric has a lower profile than fur, it's extremely effective at reducing wind noise at any speed.


*Because the Slim is our thinnest product, it will be less effective on helmets with integrated straps that sit further away from the face.


**Not recommended for Specialized helmets or skater style helmets such as Nutcase or Bern. (See FAQ for more information)

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