Wind-Blox Business Practices

Wind-Blox makes a 'wind and noise blocker' product that attaches to the leading straps on a cycling helmet and, as the name suggests, the product 'blocks wind'.  Introduced a year after Cat-Ears, Wind-Blox has a history of making false and misleading claims.  Some examples are noted below: 

Fabricated Claims

Wind-Blox claims to have received the 'Most Effective Wind Noise Reduction' award. 

While this claim sounds impressive, there is no such award.

Fictitious Comments

Wind-Blox uses fictitious names on cycling forums to promote their products (or discredit others). Below is one of many examples.  When caught, moderators closed / banned / deleted accounts.  On more than one occasion, IP address searches (by the moderators) validated the source of the forum comments.

After getting caught, W~B may have stopped these fictitious comments.

Fake Twitter Followers

Wind-Blox purchased over 11,000 'fake' Twitter followers.  A form of social media fraud.

After getting caught, it appears Twitter deleted >8,000 fake W~B followers.

Friends / Family Reviews

Numerous friends and family product reviews.  Several examples are below:


"Heard the sweetest little birds chirping on my ride to work today. Thanks Wind-Blox!" - Drew Fajen (relative)

"Works great, not 'furry' and easy to install. Terrific, look high tech (not furry). Work fine. Don't have to remove straps." -  Ted Finch (Wind-Blox)

"Amazing how much more I hear while biking. Wind-Blox work amazingly well! I'm stunned at what a difference it makes to ride using this product. I can hear SO much more." - Ben L. Fajen (relative)

After getting caught, it appears that many of these reviews have been removed.  

Paid Product 'Endorsements'

 Wind-Blox: "The Hearing Health Foundation chose Wind-Blox and featured us as an 'Editor's Choice'"

Original W-B advertisement

According to the HH Foundation, the claimed 'endorsement' was actually a paid advertisement.

"Thank you for bringing this advertisement to our attention.  "We will reach out to Wind-Blox to ask that they remove or amend their wording as it is misleading." - Hearing Healh Foundation

Corrected W-B advertisement

After getting caught, W~B corrected the misleading endorsement claim.

Misleading Use of the 'Velcro® Brand' Name

Wind-Blox: "The bi-directional Velcro closure takes seconds to attach"

Velcro® aggressively protects its brand name when a company utilizes imitation materials.

After getting caught, W~B reworded most of the 'Velcro®' references.

Wind-Blox Are 'Made In America'... Or Are They?

It appears that the "Made in America" Facebook claim was intended to mislead consumers.

After getting caught, W~B deleted the 'Made in America' claim on their Facebook page.

Fictitious Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Testing Claim

Wind-Blox originally claimed that they performed aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel tests.

Unfortunately, the small and loud Flotek Wind Tunnel (#1440) is not suitable for aeroacoustic testing:

  • Performing aero-acoustic analysis in a test chamber with 85 dB of fan / flow noise would be difficult.  

  • The 1' x 1' test section (fixed walls) is small. It would barely fit a test head or helmet (blockage effect).

  • Open-jet wind tunnels are typically used for aero-acoustic testing since fixed walls can reflect sound. 

  • Accurate 'fluid flow imagery' observations would be difficult due to the restricted flow displacement. 

  • An understanding / measurement of aeroacoustic noise is critical for interpreting fluid flow imagery.

After getting caught, W~B made a correction on their website / removed the claim on Amazon.


In our opinion, making false / misleading claims for self enrichment is wrong.

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is a leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products.  Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest rated and best selling products designed for serious cyclists / outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

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