Wind-Blox Performance - Based on their own audio files

A company by the name of Wind-Blox makes a wind noise reduction product that attaches to the leading straps on a cycling helmet and, as the name suggests, blocks wind. According to a recent Wind-Blox press release... '"At 80.2% noise reduction, Wind-Blox reduces the most wind noise,"  Since this is a very high (i.e. 'too good to be true') percentage and surprisingly 'accurate' measurement, we decided to evaluate the 'With Wind-Blox' and 'Without Wind-Blox' audio files on the Wind-Blox website.  We sampled each audio file several times and produced 1/3 octave FFT's.  We then converted the dB's to dB(A) values and calculated the correct loudness percent reduction.

Measurements from the Wind-Blox audio files*:

dB reduction = ~12

dB(A) reduction = ~13

Loudness Percent Reduction Calculation:

~60% =100*(1-2^((-1*13)/10))

*We are happy to share the audio files if anyone wants to confirm our dB / FFT analysis.

Our analysis of the Wind-Blox audio files indicates that the correct dB(A) wind noise reduction is only 60% (±5%).  In addition, it appears that the microphone they used has less than the desired full 20 - 20,000 Hz range.  It also looks like the microphone captured a significant amount of false 'pseudosound'. This is a good example of audio / testing / measurement inaccuracies - leading to grossly overstated / misleading performance claims. In addition, any qualified engineer who has measured wind noise knows that tenth of percent accuracy is nonsense.  So it goes.

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