Professional Applications

We are always eager to work with professionals regarding unique wind noise reduction applications.

Above left: Heidi Weissner with Wesley Sulzberger (Drapac / AU). Above right: Mike Cotty (UK Endurance Athlete)

"First test was this evening and I have to say I'm impressed. Cancel wind noise very well & make traffic louder." - M. Cotty

Oracle | Team USA selected Cat-Ears comm / mic windscreens for training and the 2017 America's Cup competition.

Above left: Rudy Cassan (wingsuit) uses Cat-Ears.  He started jumping in 2003 and has more than 2,200 jumps today.

The unique properties of our proprietary pile materials contribute to unsurpassed WNR performance.

And our custom microphone windscreens have been selected by highly respected companies and organizations.

Innovative Wind Noise Reduction Solutions Since 2012.

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is the leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products for serious cyclists. Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest rated and best selling products designed for outdoor sports enthusiats.  They are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

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