AirStreamz XL™

AirStreamz XL™


AirStreamz™ XL are also ideal for those who are bothered by wind noise, who suffer from conditions such as tinitus, or for cyclists who wear hearing aids.   AirStreamz™ XL are made of a unique polyester pile fabric that is lightweight, hydrophobic (moisture repelling), quick drying, and mildew resistant.  While this unique fabric has a lower profile than fur, it's extremely effective at reducing wind noise at any speed.

Our AirStreamz™ XL provide maximum wind - ear noise reduction, specifially for use with BTE hearing aids.  Simply wrap around the leading helmet strap and attach using the VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners.  Using PileTech™ engineering, AirStreamz™ are made from a unique pile fabric specifically designed to dampen and diffuse wind turbulence. AirStreamz™ significantly reduce both ear and strap wind noise.

AirStreamz™ fit almost all helmets* and are easily adjustable for optimal noise reduction.

Not recommended for Specialized fixed clip helments, or skater style helmets such as Nutcase or Bern. (See FAQ for more information)


VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is a leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products.  Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest-rated and best-selling products designed for serious cyclists / outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

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