Introducing the New AirStreamz by Cat-Ears

After working with our fabric manufacturer for over a year and testing various fibers and materials to find the perfect combination of comfort and performance, we have developed the new Airstreamz™ by Cat-Ears. This unique pile based material, made of 100% polyester, is extremely lightweight, moisture wicking, fast drying, low profile, and highly effective. We also incorporated stretchy spandex into the backing material so they 'hug' your helmet straps. Airstreamz™ are designed for all cyclists. 

We have tested the Airstreamz™ effect on wind noise and the results are incredible!  With a pile height of only 6/10 cm, and a width of only 1 inch (when in position), the new Airstreamz™ by Cat-Ears performs as well, if not better than our bulkier Classic and Classic II models. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative new product.

AirStreamz are engineered to enable ‘controlled porosity’ – i.e. the material allows a diffused flow of wind to pass through to the leeward (ear) side. Although travelling at a much slower speed, this flow is closer to equilibrium with the higher energy free stream flow and the downward suction effect on the free stream is much less. As a result the problem of high speed turbulence is significantly reduced and the effective wind reduction area is expanded.

Based on PileTech™ 'Materials Science and Engineering'

Our smallest and most discrete product

At 2.75 inches in length and less than 1 inch width (when in position

on the strap), the new Airstreamz™ by Cat-Ears® is our smallest,

most attractive, most comfortable, and most effective product!

Easy to use, the Airstreamz™ simply wrap around the leading

helmet strap and secure with the Velcro® brand closure in seconds.

More resilient than our fur based products, Airstreamz™ maintain

their shape without matting or fluffing. And washable for years of use.

AirStreamz feedback is exceeding our expectations...

Five Stars: "AirStreamz Pro make a huge difference on my rides, highly recommend!"  (SB - California)

Five Stars: "AirStreamz work!" (CG - Amazon)  Five Stars: "They (AirStreamz) work awesome!" (JL - Amazon)

Five Stars: (Amazon Feedback) : The New Airstreamz are "An absolutely amazing device"  (GD - Southern California) 

Five Stars: "Bought one pair (AirStreamz) to give them a shot, immediately bought 3 more pairs after a single ride. The

effect is undeniable and makes a much bigger difference than you'd expect; the silence is golden." (Amazon Cust. Review) 

Five Stars: (Amazon Feedback) "They actually work. Being able to hear makes you safer on the streets."  (GC - N. California)

"I have used the Airstreamz on six rides and find that they are as effective as the Classic II Cat-Ears that I had been using.

I can hear oncoming traffic and conversations easily... And they don't look quite as funky as the previous Classic II's did.  :-)"

(TM - Texas)

"These AirStreamz really work. Wearing them removes the sharp/loud wind noise as the wind is no longer passing directly over your ears. You still hear wind, but it will be reduced similar to standing in front of a fan on its low setting, as opposed to sticking your head out of a moving car's window. I have bad hearing, so before trying these I was only ever able to hear the birds chirping (or cars coming) when I was at a full stop on my bike. Now I hear both at my normal riding speed, making a big difference in my early morning rides." (MR - Amazon US)

"I've had the 3 different Cat-Ears products now. The new Airstreamz are by far the best of them all. I've worn them for about a month now and I am amazed the difference between them and the old classic fur ones. These hold there shape, easy to clean, and are even more quiet. They are almost too good... I can actually here my spokes rubbing going down the road on my road bike. Unfortunately, I can also tell that my gravel bike needs a tune up from all the creaking I hear from it. Well done..."

(CB - Iowa)

"These (AirStreamz) are absolutely brilliant! I was a bit skeptical about whether they would work or not. I cycle 7 miles to work and back most days and the high pitched whistling from the wind was starting to drive me insane. I fitted them easily onto my helmet straps in about 30 seconds, the difference was instantly noticeable and you can hear your surroundings so much more clearly. Really pleased!"  (SP - United Kingdom)

"I have ridden about 150 miles using this product, with speeds up to around 45 mph in headwinds, tailwinds and crosswinds.

In sum, I have found that this model works extremely well.  In fact, they seem to work better than the earlier cat-ears products I have used and enjoyed (Classic, Classic II).  The signal-to-wind noise ratio is the best so far.  In addition, I find that the efficacy of wind noise reduction is sustained through a greater range of head rotation, crosswinds, etc. than the earlier models.  The effectiveness of these devices does not seem to diminish markedly with increasing cycling velocities."

AT - Professor Emeritus of Economics, Vassar College

"I've been using the new Airstreamz during group rides in 20+ mph head and cross winds. The Airstreamz worked great, the low rumbling wind noise was greatly reduced so I was able to hear other people talking in which I always struggled hearing given the same wind condition. I was also able to hear approaching traffic better. The Airstreamz work so well... and they are making my cycling more enjoyable and safer." DT - Kansas City, Missouri (unsolicited customer feedback)

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PileTech™ is the term we use for our pile 'materials science and engineering'. Building on work performed at several well known international universities, we further investigated the fluid mechanics properties of pile materials. This in-depth work required the construction of a hydrodynamic flume (water tunnel) with fluorescein dye visualization capabilities. Based on extensive (and ongoing) pile material composition, length, porosity, density, denure testing, we discovered a unique combination that performs better than most of our fur based products. Our pile materials expand the velocity gradient near your ears and allow cooling air 'flow through'.   

Designed Flow Resistance

  • Makes the shear layer gentle

  • Reduces the turbulent intensity

  • Reduces acceleration of vortices

  • Make the maximum turbulent region

move apart from the product (and ear)

  • Attenuate wind noise producing pressure

fluctuations (...known as pseudo sound)

Safer Cycling Through Sound Engineering

Airstreamz are the highest rated for Radiant Heat Transfer and Moisture Vapor Permeability

so they stay cool and dry... as they provide Unsurpassed Wind Noise Reduction.

In addition, the materials we use have been independently tested for acoustic transparency at Antioch University

Cat-Ears / AirStreamz is the leading manufacturer of aero-acoustically designed passive wind noise reduction products for serious cyclists. Tested and recommended by respected publications and professionals, Cat-Ears / AirStreamz are the highest rated and best selling products designed for outdoor sports enthusiats.  They are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA.

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