With a miniature Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Microphone at the cyclists ear (concha-cave)
Hear the 'effectiveness'
in this 'demonstrative' video:
Classics I
$14.00  per set
Classics II
$16.00  per set
Classics Pro
$18.00 $16.00 per set
Ear Covers 200
$14.00 $12.60 per set
$10.00 $7.50 per set
Strap Wraps
Ear Covers 300
Sportier - 100% Faux Fur
Cooler Weather Warmth
Wind Noise Reduction
Assorted Colors
Fleece Inside and Fur Outside
Our original 100% Faux Fur
Products are typically shipped within one to three business days after receipt of the order.

Most Cycling Clubs and Organizations qualify for special discounts - Contact Us for information.

Our products are designed, tested and assembled in Boulder, Colorado. They are made from the finest materials available, including soft and sound permeable Polartec® 200 / 300 weight fleece and Velcro®.
The Faux Fur has a pile length of only 1/2" and ounce weight of 26. It is 100% Acrylic with a finished sheen. 

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with all of our Cat-Ears products.

Rick & Heidi Weissner
Cat-Ears (Boulder, Colo)
Avid Cyclists and Owners
Assorted Colors
Black and Grey
Assorted colors
Original Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Casual Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Professional Style
Wind Noise Reduction
$16.00 $14.40 per set
Classics Elite 
$20.00  per set
Minimalist - 100% Faux Fur
Competitive Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Assorted Colors
Combo Deals

Assorted colors
Colder Weather Warmth
Wind Noise Reduction
Warm Polartec® 200 Fleece
Warmer Polartec® 300 Fleece
Ear Covers + Strap Wraps
$18.00 (save ~25%)
Ear Covers + Classic II's
$25.00 (save ~20%)
Ear Covers + Classic Pro's
$27.00 (save ~20%)
Ear Covers + Classic Elite's
$29.00 (save ~15%)
"The Worlds Best Selling Wind Noise Reduction Products For Cyclists"
 Performance and
Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Created by cyclists for cyclists
"Cat-Ears work, in fact, dramatically well. (They) deflect and dampen wind noise... while still letting other sounds like traffic or conversation pass (through).  With Cat-Ears, I found I was enjoying rides more, because I could hear more of what I wanted to (hear), and less of what I didn’t."  Joe Lindsey (cycling journalist) - Bicycling Magazine
"I cannot say enough good things about this product.  Wind Noise can inhibit one’s ability to hear traffic noise, often a first line of defense... Cat Ears don't restrict hearing while others I've tried do. Anytime that sight-lines are restricted, audio cues can be the only warning to exercise caution."  Patrick Finley - Adventure Cycling Association
Dampen       Quiet       Deflect
"I had the opportunity to try your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized that I could
 hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of 5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise, but I was very impressed with
the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."  League (of American Bicyclists) Cycling Instructor/Coach
Assorted Colors
Assorted Colors
Soft Microfiber Material
Commuter Style
Wind Noise Reduction
(less effective than Classics)
25% Off Spring Sale
25% Off Spring Sale
25% Off Spring Sale
10% Off Spring Sale
Cat-Ears Cycling
Our products are Patent / Patent Pending protected.
Cat-Ears and the Cycling Cat are registered ® trademarks.
Our products have been road tested by the major cycling publications.
Others may try to copy our products - don't be deceived by misleading claims.
Cat-Ears are proudly designed, tested and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado USA
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