With a miniature Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Microphone at the cyclists ear (concha-cave)
Hear the 'effectiveness'
in this 'demonstrative' video:
        - hear cyclists about to overtake you          - hear approaching cars and trucks          - carry on conversations with friends          - protect your ears / hearing

Cat-Ears 'Classics I'
$14.00 per set
Cat-Ears 'Classics II'
$16.00 per set
Cat-Ears 'Classics Pro'
$18.00 per set

'Ear Covers 200'
Polartec® 200 $14.00 per set
$10.00 per set
'Strap Wraps'
'Ear Covers 300'
Visibility and Safety
Options for increased lateral/sideways visibility

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Rick & Heidi
and the Cat-Ears team
Sportier - 100% Faux Fur
Cooler / Colder weather warmth while significantly reducing Wind Noise
Assorted Colors
Fleece Inside and Fur Outside
Our original 100% Faux Fur
Products are typically shipped within one to three business days after receipt of the order.  International orders typically ship within two to four business days.

Our products are designed, tested, and assembled in Boulder, Colorado. They are made from the finest materials available, including soft and
 sound permeable 200 and 300 weight fleece (~50% recycled content) and Velcro®. The Faux Fur has a pile length of only 1/2" and ounce weight of 26.
 It is 100% Acrylic with a finished sheen. Our products, and the materials they are made from, are made in the USA. We don't import or outsource anything.
Assorted Colors
9 Colors to match your gear
Black, Gray and White
Most Cycling Clubs and Cycling Organizations qualify for a 10% member discount - Contact Us for more information.
Assorted colors
   Dampen       Buffer       Deflect you can hear everything else better
All Cat-Ears
 Products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Safety Yellow / Orange
Reflective Options
Youth Products
6 Colors to match your gear
Huge savings
on select products
The solution to reduce Wind Noise while cycling
Created by cyclists for cyclists

Original Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Casual Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Professional Style
Wind Noise Reduction
Super soft moisture wicking strap
 covers reduce low speed Wind Noise
Limited Inventory
Please Contact Us for Youth
 Product and Color Availability
Polartec® 300  $16.00 per set
Racing/TeamsCycling ClubsDeal of the WeekCycling SafetyHearing/FatigueGiving Back

Our products have been tested and reviewed by numerous cycling publications... so you know they work.
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Others may try to copy our products... don't be fooled by unsubstantiated product claims.
Our products have been tried and tested by the major cycling publications.
Cat-Ears are designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado
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Cat-Ears Motorcycling
Cat-Ears 'Classics Elite' 
$20.00 per set

Minimalist - 100% Faux Fur
Competitive Style
Wind Noise Reduction
6 Colors to match your gear
Ear Covers Strap Wrap
Polartec® 300
One set of Strap Wraps plus
One set of Ear covers
$20.00 per Combo