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Faux Fur and Polartec     Fleece
$16.00  per set
Cat-Ears ‘Classics II’ Installation Instructions

Place Cat-Ears Classics II on the outside of the lead helmet strap with the jagged edge of the fleece facing forward and the fur facing back [photo 1]. Wrap back (fur side) edge of fleece around strap first [photo 2], then wrap the front (jagged) edge over that. The jagged edge of fleece should end up on the inside of the helmet facing back. The fur edge should overhang slightly and end up on the outside of the helmet facing back [photo 3].

"Classics II' are ~1 1/4" wide x ~2 1/4" long
and are designed to fit standard 1/2" straps
A slightly modified version of the original Cat-Ears 'Classics I', ‘Classics II’ (patents pending), were created for those who prefer to have soft fleece against their face. Cat-Ears 'Classics II' provide excellent wind - ear noise reduction. Simply wrap around the leading helmet strap and attach using the hook / loop Velcro®. Made from approximately 1/2 inch pile faux fur material on the outside to dampen and buffer wind turbulence, 'Classics II' significantly reduce both ear and strap wind noise. Cat-Ears fit virtually all helmets and are easily adjustable for optimal noise reduction.
"Tried my Cat-Ears today and LOVED them! I've been annoyed by road noise for a long time and these really work.
 Thank You!"  (KM - Washington)

"The ones that cut the most noise for me are the Classics II. They may look a bit dorky,
 but the wind noise attenuation is amazing."  (Road Bike Review Forum)

"I had the opportunity to try some of your products this weekend... About halfway through the ride, I suddenly realized that I could hear EVERYTHING that was being said in my group of 5 riders! I could still hear some wind noise, but I was very impressed with the fact that I could hear riders several bike lengths in front of me."  League Cycling Instructor/Coach

Maximum Wind Noise Reduction
        -  1/2" Pile Faux Fur Material
        -  Attach Easily Using Velcro®
        -  Dampens and Deflects the Wind
        -  Soft Fur Buffers Wind Turbulence
        -  Significantly Reduces Wind Noise

Excellent in variable wind conditions
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Read the BikeRadar Product Review
"We rode several Cat-Ears models and, despite some initial skepticism, the concept seems valid and the effect on wind
  is undeniable. It isn't completely suppressed - especially at downhill speeds in excess of 50 kmh (31mph) - but the more
  generously proportioned models decrease the din by a surprising amount."  J. Huang - Technical Editor at
-'Classics II'
The solution to reduce Wind Noise while cycling
Created by cyclists for cyclists

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